About Us

We care. We understand.

We invite you to visit our office. A dental appointment is a valuable investment of your time, energy, and money. It is important that your appointment be a pleasant and comfortable experience. You should get MORE than what you pay for. We believe...

You deserve Dr. Guillen’s time and his full attention.
You deserve to be greeted with a warm smile and a friendly voice.
You deserve the highest quality of care in a pleasant and clean surrounding.
You deserve an honest and truthful solution to your dental concerns.

What you can learn about any dental office from a website is limited. Dental care is person to person interaction. A true relationship is developed in person. Come visit us and get a “first impression” of who we are.

Dr. Guillen has been practicing in the same area of Birmingham for over twenty years. Ask around about us. We will be here taking care of patients for many years to come. This community is our home, and our patients are our family.